Easily create custom dashboards for your data

Craft beautiful and rich customizable dashboard visualizations for any data source in just a few clicks.


The no code tool made for everyone to communicate with data


Everything you need to go from raw data to a dashboard in no time without any coding or professional data experience

Build Dashboards

Build interactive, custom dashboards in no time using our no-code dashboard builder. Build from scratch or using dashboard templates

Natural Language Querying with AI

Construct SQL Queries from natural language using AI and explore your data without knowing SQL

Visual Query Builder

Build SQL queries using a simple and intuitive query builder that includes filters, summarizations and joins.

Self Serve Analytics

Allow your users to explore and analyse your data on their own using our platform or within your own apps.

Customer-facing Dashboards

Offer white-label dashboards to your customers/people outside your organization. Create accounts and limit the data and functionality each account can access.

Embed your Dashboards

Add reporting to your products by embedding charts or dashboards using our iframe or SDK